Dear listener, 

Thanks for being here!

My new podcast UnGoverned is yet another product of my motto "how hard can it be?"

I ask myself this question whenever I decide it's time to take on something that's new and unfamiliar.

It's a mental game I play to work up the courage to enter uncharted waters.

That's when I learn that some things are actually, quite hard to do.

Like, creating a podcast.

But that's ok.

Because it makes actually doing it all the more rewarding.

This mindset has gotten me into trouble here and there.

Like when I decided to enter politics.

But that's a podcast for another day.

But fear not, despite the name UnGoverned this podcast isn't about politics.

It's what this recovering politician does for therapy, and, to demonstrate that (some) politicians are people, too.

Plus, I can fly my freak flag without worry of losing any votes!

That, my friends, is pure freedom. 

You can listen to and follow my podcast Ungoverned with Joan Cergol on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio and Amazon Music, or, right here at my website.

So go ahead and click here to give it a listen and don't forget to sign up on this page to receive notifications of newly dropped episodes.

Looking forward to you staying awhile,