Hello friends!
Some say it can’t possibly be true, but yes it is; I am running yet again this year, on November 5, 2019, to continue my service on the Huntington Town Board.
I was elected to the Town Board on November 6, 2018 to complete one year remaining of an unexpired term. Therefore, in order to continue applying my longtime public and private sector experience, thorough knowledge of Huntington government operations and analytical approach to solving business and residents’ problems, I must hit the campaign trail again.
The good news is, this year’s run is for a full four-year term.
The bottom line for me is this: I love my hometown of Huntington, and believe I bring all of the right stuff to this job. And apparently, so did the 43,730 residents from all sides of the political aisle who cast their vote for me on November 6, 2018 (yes, I’m a little proud of that, not to mention incredibly humbled and grateful).
If you want someone with a steady hand and head, a warm heart, a strong work ethic- all driven by an overarching desire, in all decisions made and votes cast, to simply do the right thing for Huntington, I’m your choice for Town Board.
If you want someone who brings 17 years of Huntington government knowledge and experience- preceded by 18 years of executive level private sector experience (including in my own business) supported by my personal resolve to remain authentic, measured and compassionate in all I say and do, I’m your choice for Town Board.
Finally, you may have noticed I adopted Rosie the Riveter as my campaign icon- that’s because Rosie represents a time in our American history when women answered the call of duty to serve their community and country in time of war. I relate to Rosie’s enthusiasm and “can do” attitude. She inspires me, and she also adds a little fun and nostalgia to my campaign. You'll be seeing more of Rosie in my communications, and, a lot more of me as I continue to bring my message of hope and positivity to the voters again this year.
Hope to see you on the campaign trail, and here, time and again, to find out what's new.
With gratitude,




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