Huntington has been my home since before I can remember. My parents moved here just days after I was born. As Joan De Vito, I went to school here. My dad (Dr. Nicholas J. De Vito) served the community as a surgeon for 30 years, and my mom (Gisela "Gay" De Vito) volunteered for Holiday House and the Huntington Hospital Ladies Auxiliary. I was married here and raised two daughters here. I have written books, newspaper articles and blogs about this amazing town.

For the last 17 years, I have been working in town government to help my neighbors here. Nothing has given me greater satisfaction. Homeowners, business people, seniors, veterans, our youth- I have been touched by them all. No matter the kind of questions, suggestions or criticisms coming my way, I have never taken for granted the privilege of being at the other end of the phone. Many came looking for help with an issue or concern, but, at times, found that navigating the bureaucratic maze can be difficult, even frustrating. My goal has always been to change that- to make town government accessible and responsive. And most of all, to solve problems. 

In 2012, the TIMES of Huntington called me,“the go-to girl in government” who provides a “high level of integrity and goes above and beyond” to get the job done. I was humbled by those words; but I realize that working diligently for the people of Huntington should be the rule, not the exception. I pledge to help make that a reality by creating an environment where “customer service” is the top priority at town hall. Read More



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