Dear Friends!
With your help, on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, I was re-elected to the Huntington Town Board.
Not only have you returned me to serve as your Councilwoman for the next four years, but you did it in a big way. From the moment the returns starting coming in, I was well in the lead, and remained in that position until the finish. 
Thank you for your part in making that happen.
It was a proud and resounding victory that will enable me to continue serving as your Democratic Huntington Town Board member. I sincerely thank the Huntington Town Democratic Committee for its nomination to run for this elective office, and remain proud to have appeared on the Working Families Party, Independence Party and Green Party ballot lines in this election cycle as well. 
I also thank New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for his ringing endorsement of me in this race, as well as the Italian American PAC of New York, Eleanor's Legacy, LI Environmental Voters Forum, Communications Workers of America and the LI Federation of Labor for their own endorsements that I carried proudly during my campaign.
I will continue to apply my steady hand and head, warm heart, and strong work ethic- all driven by my overarching desire, in all decisions made and votes cast, to simply do the right thing for Huntington. Party affiliations and endorsements are important distinctions, but at the end of the day I work for all residents in the Town of Huntington.
Thank you for allowing me to continue applying my 35 years' collective private sector/public sector experience, including 17 years of Huntington government institutional knowledge to this position. You can trust that I will remain authentic, measured and compassionate in all I say and do.
I will continue to carry Rosie the Riveter as my personal icon- to remind myself and you, that with a little enthusiasm and a “Can Do” attitude, just about anything is possible. 
Please continue to follow me on Facebook or on Instagram to learn what I'm up to and to provide me with your feedback and ideas of how I can help. You can also follow my legislative initiatives and news by visiting my page at the Town of Huntington's website.
Please call my office at (631) 351-3173 to speak with me, or make an appointment to meet.
With sincere gratitude, 

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