Working Families Voters Choose Cergol

Huntington Councilwoman Joan Cergol today thanked Working Families party voters for their resounding support in giving her a landslide victory in the September 13 primary, beating back a write-in campaign waged by her Republican opponent. 

“I am grateful that Working Families party voters saw through the brazen effort on the part of my Republican opponent to steal the November ballot line I rightfully earned after undergoing a rigorous screening process. This election is a victory not just for me, but also for hard-working residents who want to ensure that they have a clear voice representing their interests in Town government,” Councilwoman Cergol said.

Councilwoman Cergol has a track record of working to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of working families in Huntington. She has expanded affordable home ownership, provided job training for local residents, revitalized downtown areas by bringing in over $20 million in grants and supported local businesses. 

Cergol ran a door-to-door campaign reaching many Working Families Party voters, which was reflected in the high turnout in her behalf in the primary. She will now turn her attention to the general election, where in addition to the Working Families Party line, Cergol will be running on the Democratic, Independence and Women’s Equality lines. 

“My message in the general election will be the same as in the primary: that Huntington residents deserve an independent thinker on the Town board who will listen before making decisions, represent varied interests and then work together with colleagues at all levels to create and support programs that meet those interests. I think the deeper voters look, the more they will see they have a clear choice between someone who is on their side and willing to take the lead in representing their interests, as opposed to someone whose main campaign plank is that he will go along with the majority. We need someone who will lead, not follow.  Over the years and now, I have shown that I am that person.”

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