The "STOP LIPA" Deception

Huntington Councilwoman Joan Cergol is urging voters not to be fooled by the “Stop LIPA” party line that her opponent is attempting to force onto the ballot for the November 6 election.


“People who signed the STOP LIPA petitions thought they were signing a petition to stop LIPA and National Grid from reassessing the property, not support one or more individual candidates for public office,” Cergol said.

“Since LIPA first challenged the tax assessment on its Northport power plant in 2010, Huntington town board members, both Democrats and Republicans, have spearheaded the fight against this assault on our Town and Northport-East Northport School District tax base,” said Cergol.

Cergol is calling out her opponent’s attempt to get a bogus party line on the ballot as nothing more than “trickery to deceive a vulnerable public and divide residents between party lines.”

“Unlike my opponent I have a record of standing with the Northport East Northport School District in a United front against LIPA and National Grid,” Councilwoman Cergol said.

“We all understand this LIPA tax challenge could prove devastating to Huntington homeowners,” Cergol said.   “This is not the time for self-promotion; this is a time to stand united regardless of political party.

“Elected officials, from both the town and the state legislature, must raise our voices as one to remove this albatross hanging over the heads of taxpayers,” Cergol added.

“Creating a phony party line makes working together more difficult and seeks merely to capitalize on people’s fears for political gain.  It is just wrong.”

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