Republicans Form Committee to Support Cergol

Today, Friends of Joan Cergol was honored to receive a letter showing support from key Huntington Republican thought leaders, underscoring their recognition of Councilwoman Cergol’s status as a unifier and consensus builder on the Town Board.

In the letter, former Republican Councilman Ken Christensen detailed the reasons he is backing Cergol in the upcoming election and listed other distinguished leaders joining him on a Republicans for Cergol committee.

“I deeply appreciate their support, which affirms how in my time on the board I have reached out to people at all ends of the political spectrum to identify issues and work on solutions that cross party lines,” said Councilwoman Cergol, who is running on the Democratic, Independence, Working Families and Women’s Equality lines.

This is the text of Mr. Christensen’s letter:

“I have made a personal decision to support Joan Cergol for Town of Huntington Councilwoman in this November’s election and have volunteered to urge others to do the same. As a former Town Councilman, I feel so strongly about her candidacy that I have agreed to Chair a Republicans for Joan Cergol Committee.

“As a life-long Republican, one who whole heartedly believes in Republican principles, I don’t easily stray from the candidates that my party endorses. But I have always believed that the person is more important than the party, especially on the Town and local level, where government is closest to the people.

“It is not often that someone comes along to run for local public office who is this experienced, has the right temperament and attitude, is dedicated to the common good, and has the sole commitment to do what is right for our Town despite party affiliation or outside pressures.

“I have worked with Joan for over ten years in various Town committees and not-for-profit organizations throughout our community. Her work ethic is exceptional, her communication skills excellent and she really knows how to focus in on what is important. Having worked within Town government for all these years dealing with the needs and desires of the many organizations and constituencies, she has shown her ability to reach out to all, to listen and to solve problems.

“Joan is a very good person, and to have someone with her grace and intellect representing the people of Huntington on our Town Board will be a major benefit to all of us. Together with our Republicans for Joan Cergol Committee, I urge all voters to support Joan in the coming election. She’ll be there for all of us!”

Listed as members of Republicans for Joan Cergol were: Ken Christensen, Chair; Dana Beard; John Deignan; Kevin Gersh; Jim McGoldrick; James Martin; Joe Ryan; Carol Stolze; Paul Tonna; Paul Warburgh; and Roger Weaving.


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