I AM PAC Endorses Huntington Councilwoman Cergol

Is Cergol an Italian name? 

To the surprise of many, it is (originating in Northern Italy) and with DeVito as her maiden name, Huntington Councilwoman Joan Cergol has Italian heritage to spare.

So it is with pride that Friends of Joan Cergol announces the endorsement of Cergol’s candidacy for Huntington town board by the executive board of the Italian American Political Action Committee of New York (I AM PAC).

“We believe that you are the kind of individual who embodies the type of leadership our organization supports.  Your appreciation of your own heritage, as well as other cultures, demonstrates your ability to respect traditions while moving forward with a vision for the future,” wrote chairman James C. Lisi.

I AM PAC is a non-partisan political action committee, registered and operating in New York, whose founders, officers and members, representing a broad spectrum of political philosophies, engage in the political arena to make institutions, elected officials and candidates for public office respond with deeds to the interests and well-being of the Italian American community.

“I am humbled by the endorsement,” said Councilwoman Cergol. 

“My grandfather was a decorated soldier for the Italian army in World War One who came to the U-S, became a citizen, started his own business and lived the American Dream.  And my father, born in Rome, went on to become a U-S Army surgeon before moving to Huntington, where he served our community for three decades.” 

“I share the immense pride both men had in their Italian heritage and am striving to honor their legacies by serving my community with the work ethic and values they cherished.”

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